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Pip has now finished her Home Front novel, and it is public in both the Garden (to read the discussion) and the Vault, (to read the book itself). also, all the discussions on seasonal television have been made public.
right now we actually have two sites for Tea at the Ford, inwhich one site (teaattheford.net) mirrors the other (arterialmatter.net), the list and the public site are in separate locations, and because of that stressors (including simple usage) are reduced for both versions (yielding stability). the aim is to avoid catastrophies like the spectacular crash we had last year, which left us homeless for awhile and wasn't the easiest thing to come back from. the whole thing is hereCollapse )

drive, she said: after the fall

6.03 The Third Man, written by Ben Edlund & directed by Robert Singer the whole commentary is hereCollapse )

in re: Doctor Who 5.12 The Pandorica Opens, written by Stephen Moffat, directed by Toby Haynes. the whole commentary is hereCollapse )


in re: Doctor Who 5.07 Amy's Choice

personally i love eps when interiority makes it seem so intime (good word to take apart, that, given the whole TimeLord thing), and then the whole perspective suddenly goes very very wide, or the bottom falls out of everything. this ep, in fact, is a lot like that, not just in the sets, but in the ground it covers.read moreCollapse )


Doctor Who?

this season, with everything new again, i think it's positively exciting, for the first time. sure, Doctor Who was always fun, but this stuff is very fine. i've always loved Steven Moffat's eps anyway, they're very clearly written despite their complexity, and everything he invents, or looks back to, is not only imaginative, but it fits well into canon, and at the same time ups the ante.read moreCollapse )


the eps:

  • 4.08 Silence in the Library
  • 4.09 Forest of the Dead
  • 5.04 Time of Angels
  • 5.05 Flesh and Stone
read moreCollapse )


home ice: breakfast of champions

there was a moment late in the third period when i thought: this is too easy, and that's just wrong. it would be better hockey (and a cleaner win, if it went that way after) if they tied it up now. because the US team was certainly good enough. and because that's never the best way to win anything, letting the clock run out. too lazy. Marty Brodeur told them from the box, keep pushing, but they didn't get the message: maintaining the status quo is always a good way to lose, you know? - momentum, entitlement, whatever you think you've got. then at the two minute mark, the stands began to cheer and i thought, well maybe that's it, that's all, but me, i'd rather see them earn it from start to finish. but with twenty-some seconds left to go, the american team tied it up. good stuff, that; changes the gameboard. and then in overtime, Sid Crosby nailed it, to his own surprise, on a sneaky little instinctive shot on goal that even Illyria might have approved of, showing his mettle at last. a so much better way to go out, owning the rink, not just keeping up with the paperwork. to the credit of both teams.

i know what i wanted was never down to medals. Canada was hosting; i wanted them to show good form in that arena. and just between you and me, it's not always easy to show good form, if you're losing - or if you're winning. it's tempting to make it personal. it's tempting to make it a grudge match, or bet the farm on it. so it's a delicate dance, between toasting a team's achievements and slighting those from other nations. i looked to see in every crowd, some mingle; i wanted a sense that at Whistler, and in Robson Square, everyone felt included, and was welcome. i wanted to hear every good race applauded, no matter what color they were wearing. i liked best the athletes who lingered to congratulate one another's victories, who felt bad for every spill that cost someone four years, or fifteen maybe, of training. i toasted every remarkable performance. sometimes it's all about grace under pressure, and that's true even after everyone's over the finish line.

Read more...Collapse )

made for the holidays

the cookies:
Figgy Rum Balls
German Pfeffernusse
Coconut Shortbread
White Chocolate Apricot Balls
Chocolate Spice Meringues
Orange Snow Balls
Lemon Crisps
Brune Kager with Decorating Icing
Old English Shortbread (Plain and with Rum & Pecans)
Cherry Almond Meringues
Betty's Coconut Macaroons
Sugar and Spice Balls
Pecan Butter Balls
Mincemeat Swirls
Swedish Almond Rusks
Almond Snap Cookies
Ginger Fruit Balls
Russian Tea Cakes
Apricot Florentines
Florentines with Orange Peel

the candy:
Almond Butter Toffee
Sponge Toffee

the pastries:
Cheese Shortbreads
Apricot Crescents
Cranberry Tarts in Cream Cheese Pastry
Mincemeat Tarts in Pate Brisee
Mushroom Turnovers

the misc:
Christmas Pudding
Homemade Mincemeat
Nuts & Bolts

merry xmas to all, and to all a good night

the public site, resurfacing at last

Tea at the Ford is finally back up, and you'll find the public version here. all your old links should work again. Pip did all the hard work; if there's blame, it's mine.{g} thanks to everyone who goes there in any guise for any reason, for being more patient about the whole thing than i'll ever be. the private list that lives behind it kept right on talking, in exile populating two mailing lists and a hidden dreamwidth account, and are currently hiding Elsewhere in pretty plain sight. took a while to rematriate all those posts too. also got us thinking about interfaces outward and social media and suchlike, in a way that might profitably lead to changes later.

please holler if you find anything not working; we need to know that. or if there's anything not up on any subject you want to see (there's nothing new at the moment, because of that thing where we've only got two hands, which come to find out is really not good design). the bad news is that Search is gone, and it's gonna be gone awhile, till somebody tackles installing the google version, which looks - complicated. but think of the adventures you can have going hither and yon without a map, eh? (psst: try all the links the Search button goes to, just for fun.) and don't forget the string...

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